101 in 1001 Days

I have always been goal-oriented and a list maker. I love the satisfaction of crossing something off my list & accomplishing what I set out to do.

My 101 in 1001 days was inspired by Mackenzie Horan’s blog Design Darling. Mackenzie’s was one of the first blogs I looked to for inspiration when I decided to start Even Keeled (spotted her on this list) and posting my 101 is my attempt to be accountable for its progress!

Here goes nothing:

STARTS: February 2, 2015

ENDS: October 30, 2017

23 Complete, 80 To Go!

Even Keeled (2/11)

  1. 100 followers in 100 posts
  2. Have 2 guest bloggers
  3. Attend a blogger event in Connecticut
  4. Learn Photoshop
  5. Design a logo for even keeled (June 2015)
  6. Own my own domain
  7. Post once a day for a week
  8. Have professional pictures taken for my blog (February 2015)
  9. Guest blog on another blog
  10. Inspire someone else to create their 101 list
  11. Post about 5 charities I am passionate for (2:5 Headbands of Hope, THON)

Travel (2/12)

  1. Travel to a new country (Mexico, May 2015)
  2. Visit a new state
  3. Spend the weekend at a B&B
  4. Make it back to Colorado
  5. Visit my godchildren for a weekend
  6. Visit Harry Potter World
  7. Take Brian to a new state on his list (Hawaii, September 2016)
  8. Go to Las Vegas with Brian
  9. Take a random weekend road trip
  10. Go to 5 Diners, Drive In’s and Dives restaurants
  11. See the cherry blossoms in DC
  12. Plan a girl’s weekend with my girl friends


  1. Spend a weekend in Burlington, VT
  2. Spend a weekend in Boston (July 2016)
  3. Take a trip to Martha’s Vineyard
  4. Visit Maine and eat lobster
  5. Take a tour of Two Roads Brewery in Stratford, CT
  6. Take a tour of Magic Hat Brewery
  7. Visit the Ben & Jerry’s Factory
  8. Drink a beer that has never left the Sam Adams Factory in Boston
  9. Visit 3 Connecticut wineries (1:3 Gouveia Vineyards April 2015, Paradise Hills Vineyard August 2015, Jones Family Farms August 2015, Bishop Orchards Winery September 2015, Chamard Vineyards September 2015)
  10. Snowboard at Mount Snow

Health and Fitness (5/17)

  1. Run my second half marathon (April 3, 2016- Atlantic City April Fools Half)
  2. Try aerial yoga
  3. Take a pole class
  4. Try SoulCycle
  5. Find a barre studio in Connecticut and take a class
  6. Eat Paleo for an entire week (no cheating!)
  7. Enter and complete a Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, or Warrior Dash
  8. Make it to the gym every day for a week
  9. Show up to the gym before 7am (Summer 2016)
  10. Run my first 10K (May 29, 2016)
  11. Buy a SUP (January 2017)
  12. Hike Connecticut’s Top 10 Hiking Trails (1:10 Lucius Pond Ordway Devil’s Den Preserve- May 2015)
  13. Walk outside 30 minutes a day for a week
  14. Finally be able to do a pull-up
  15. Run a mile in under 9 minutes
  16. Snowboard at least 5 days in a season
  17. Run two miles in under 19 minutes (March 31, 2016)

Family and Friends (6/16)

  1. Send a surprise care package to my sister
  2. See my brother Kevin graduate from college (May 2015)
  3. Surprise my brother Kris at one of his crew races
  4. Visit my grandparents in Florida
  5. Plan an epic 50th birthday for my Dad
  6. Send random snail mail to a friend (February 2015)
  7. Put together a family recipe cookbook
  8. Spend a girl’s day with my mom and sister
  9. Get asked to be a bridesmaid (Dalene & Alex, asked February 2016 wedding September 2017)
  10. Get engaged (October 15, 2016- best day EVER)
  11. Gift the 12 days of Christmas again to Brian
  12. Surprise Brian with a date day
  13. Book our wedding date (September 24, 2016!)
  14. See my sister graduate 8th grade
  15. Cook a meal for my family
  16. Plan a weekend for our families to meet (October 15-17, 2015)

Hobbies (2/16)

  1. Finish 15 new books for fun (4:15 Girls in White Dresses, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing, The Girl on the Train)
  2. Take a cooking class (January 2016, Sur La Table)
  3. Join a new club
  4. Give back to Alpha Xi Delta
  5. Join a book club
  6. Get more involved with a Penn State alumni group
  7. Read for 30 minutes a night for one week
  8. Make it back to a Penn State football game in 2015
  9. and again in 2016
  10. Take a Painting and sipping class
  11. Attend Blue and White weekend at Penn State
  12. Take a calligraphy class (Glitter & Bold Brush Calligraphy Workshop, August 2015)
  13. Finish my college scrapbook
  14. Take a ballroom lesson with Brian
  15. Take a crafting class
  16. Read 5 books for Professional Development (2:5 Born to Blog, Womenomics)


  1. See 3 new Broadway show (1:3 Jersey Boys)
  2. Swim with the Dolphins
  3. Go to my second Steelers game (December 2016)
  4. Watch the sun rise over the Milford Harbor
  5. Learn to French braid
  6. Learn to curl my hair with rollers
  7. Visit 2 museums in NYC
  8. Watch 5 documentaries (1:5 Fed Up)
  9. Save at least $100 a month in 2015
  10. Attend THON again
  11. Go zip lining
  12. See a ballet
  13. Pay for a stranger’s coffee
  14. Get a new car
  15. Volunteer somewhere new
  16. Adopt a new pet
  17. Host a dinner party (November 2016)
  18. Host a themed party
  19. Move somewhere with a yard (June 2016)

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