dreams tulum resort & spa: reviewed

Brian and I recently returned from a destination wedding turned vacation in the beautiful Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. The wedding was picture perfect- held in the early evening right on the sandy beach  with the reception continuing under the stars. And a true testament to how lovely the happy couple are, just under 90 guests made the journey from all over the US to partake in the wedding week(end) festivities!

We’re fairly new to the all-inclusive resort scene- but after staying at three different properties we definitely have something to compare each against. After spending 3 nights at Dreams Tulum Resort & Spa– here is my official review on our likes, dislikes, and tips!

dreams tulum 1

The Rooms- We stayed in a Deluxe Garden View room which was the most affordable room option we were given as a part of the wedding room block. We were further back off the beach and faced into a courtyard. Likes: hammock on the balcony, large walk in shower, large bathroom with jacuzzi tub, king bed, Corona in the mini-fridge. Dislikes: no matter how low we turned the AC we could not get the room to cool down, we could not find the bottle opener, finding the room was very confusing as each building really looks alike and they were not labeled too well back in the courtyards. Tips: Unless it is really important to you to see the ocean from your room, or be able to swim out of your room, save your money for something else. You really are not in your room too often so the room is somewhere you can save.

The Pools: The two main pools at Dreams Tulum were both large in size. One pool had a swim-up bar and was the location of most of the daytime entertainment. Likes: both pools were right on the beach which provided a great view, water aerobics was actually really fun to do with all of the girls the day after the wedding.  Tips: If you really want to have a seat at the pool, you should probably head down in the morning and set up your towels. People claim their spots early!

dreams tulum 2

The Beach: The beach at Dreams Tulum was the best all-inclusive resort beach Brian and I have come across so far. Likes: wide and large sandy beach area, plenty of chairs & tables, lots of areas of shade, beach volleyball, quick service of drinks. Dislikes: lots of seaweed (which may have been because of the time of year). Tips: It’s also a good idea to get to the beach earlier in the day and set up your spot. Although, there are more spaces on the beach than the pool area so this is less important.

The Food: Since we were only there for 3 nights and one of them we ate at the wedding, we were unable to try every restaurant on the property. We did however get to eat at Bordeaux, Portofino, Seaside Grill, World Cafe, & Coco Cafe. Likes: Seaside Grill had one of the best locations of an all-inclusive restaurant we’ve been at, lots of options, 24 hour room service.  Dislikes: All of the portions were extremely small, one day at lunch at Seaside Grill our waiter went off shift and we waited an hour for lunch. Tips: In our experience thus far, the food at all-inclusive resorts is mediocre. If you are expecting a NYC 5-star quality meal, you will likely be disappointed. But that being said, I definitely recommend trying as many options as you can at your resort… if you really don’t like it you can always have a second dinner at another restaurant (remember it’s all included!).

Overall: Our experience at the Dreams Tulum Resort and Spa was an overall positive experience. Everywhere we went we were met with friendly and accommodating service. The bar staff was quick and the drinks were tasty. We were very impressed by the beach and enjoyed fresh coconut drinks one of the days. You are not required to wear a wristband at this resort which I find to be a plus (no ugly tan line on your wrist). Keep in mind this is a family resort so there are kids on this property. A few guests in the wedding group had children with them and there seemed to be plenty of options for kids including an Explorer’s Club and private babysitting in room (at an extra charge). We would recommend this resort to friends, but will probably try somewhere else before we’d return ourselves.

Stay tuned for my review of the second resort we visited on our trip! As well as a review from the resort we stayed in at Punta Cana last year.


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