fall bucket list

My favorite season is here and before it has the chance to slip by (let’s think back to summer) I figured it’s time to set out a bucket list of activities I’m hoping to accomplish before the snow starts to fall.

I’m slowly and surely making progress towards my 101 in 1001 days so I’m sprinkling in some of those to kill two birds with one stone here.

Without further ado, here’s the official even keeled fall bucket list.

  1. Pick Apples & make homemade Apple Crisp. Last fall my friend Toni shared this yummy recipe with me & it was to die for. Might have to be a repeat for 2015.
  2. Take a Tour of the Two Roads Brewery in Stratford, CT. This brewery is just a few miles away from us & has an awesome bar. Time to take a tour- and cross this off my 101 in 1001 list.
  3. See a Broadway Show. NEED to get into the city before it turns too cold, which I know will happen way too fast. Potentials are: An American In Paris, Jersey Boys, The Book of Mormon, or Lion King. Oh, who am I kidding. I’m dying to see just about every show right now.
  4. Eat Paleo for a Week. So many delicious recipes and so little time. Since crockpot season is now in full swing, I think this will be totally doable this autumn.
  5. Plan Dad’s 50th Birthday Party. My dad’s 50th is just a few weeks away & after all he’s done for all of us, I think 50 is cause for an extra special night.
  6. Hike another one of Connecticut’s Top 10 Hiking Trails. Preferably one that has spectacular views of the foliage- because we know fall in New England is all about the foliage.
  7. Make homemade soup from scratch. I’m thinking something Paleo. Kill two birds with one stone, people.
  8. Plan a weekend for our two families to meet. This one’s been in the works for quite some time now and it seems like we’re actually on the verge of a weekend! Expect tips on entertaining two families with vastly different age ranges when this comes to fruition.
  9. Carve pumpkins. Brian and I have been carving pumpkins together forever and get really into it each year. See picture below from one of our past carving days. Bonus points if we pick these on aforementioned family weekend!
  10. Host a football Sunday afternoon. Complete with friends, craft beer, and way too much food. 

One thought on “fall bucket list

  1. Sounds like a good list, I have not got around to mine yet but some hiking and baking are certainly going to be on it. I really fancy that apple crisp – just have to persuade someone to make it for me.


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