(galley)ry wall

Your home should be your oasis. The beach has always held my heart, so this Galley-ry (get it?! galley, ship, beach..) wall had to nod to some nautical themes. The pinnacle of my style and personality is in this fun little project I’ve been working on since I moved into my first apartment… 3 apartments ago! I finally felt like I had enough pieces collected and with bf here to hang up the art, my vision was finally a reality in our humble home by the water.
Hanging your own gallery wall really isn’t too difficult. All you need is a vision, some artwork, blue painters tape and a few nails. And possibly a Command strip or two if not all of your frames have hangers.
First begin by laying out all of your pieces on the ground. I recommend working on the spacing while it’s on the floor.gw 1
We measured our wall to determine just how far on each end we wanted to leave to make the design look centered.
After your satisfied with your design, flip your frames over so you can see where you’ll need to place the nails. Here’s where your Blue Painter’s tape will come in handy. You can use the tape on the floor across your frames to mark where the nails will need to go.  Then take the tape strip, transfer it to the wall, and hammer in your nails. You now have the perfect blueprint for one row of your gallery.
For my design, we worked from top, to the bottom, and then filled in the middle. I wanted to make sure the complete design had even edges along the top and bottom.
here's brian nurturing the perfectionist in me by measuring our distances and leveling off each frame.. isn't he terrific?
here’s brian nurturing the perfectionist in me by measuring our distances and leveling off each frame.. isn’t he terrific?
Ta-da! Final product below!
I couldn’t be happier with how this project turned out. After building up the concept in my head for so long, I’m glad to see it finally hanging on my wall.

A little bit about my pieces: 

Primitives by Kathy I first discovered this brand in an adorable little beach shop on Maui in 2012. I loved the antiqued, rustic look to her pieces and brought a pillow back with me to the mainland. Nowadays you can find these bad boys just about anywhere.. I’ve even spotted them in Marshalls and Home Goods (the thrifty, home decorator’s paradise!).

Frames- I’ve been adding to this collection for quite some time, but just about every one of these came from Marshalls or Home Goods. Their selections are ever changing so be patient in your search if you’re out for something specific. I was typically able to score at least one new treasure each trip.