hamptons lane- reviewed

You may remember I found a discounted membership to Hamptons Lane a few months back (yes, I know- I’m the worst for posting this so late!). Since that time I’ve received two boxes from Hamptons Lane- Spanish Tapas and Summer Picnic.

The Spanish Tapas box was the first box I received. In the kit there was a Steel Paella Pan, a jar of Arbequina olives, sweet smoked paprika, imperial Spanish chorizo, and organic piquillo peppers. Three recipes were included- chorizo stuffed prosciutto wrapped dates, green olive tapenade, and paella mixta. I absolutely love paella and since I now have my own paella pan- we decided to try this recipe first. The pan fit an enormous amount of food in it! It seriously made paella for a large family- not a couple. Needless to say we had quite a few leftover meals that week.

Spanish Tapas

The second box I received was the Summer Picnic box. I am actually pretty excited about this box since the weather is finally warm and  I plan on spending as much time as possible outside this summer. Included in this box were Bee’s wrap, Honeypax raw honey to-go, Jan’s Farmhouse cranberry pistachio crisps, an olivewood & stainless steel knife, a genuine leather picnic knife sheath, and garlic dill mustard. Looks like the perfect start to a cheese board if I do say so myself! This curated kit came with 7 recipes- honey mint citrus salad, spicy honey hummus, egg salad tartine, turkey & brie sandwich, vegan veggie sandwich, tupelo honey mint lemonade, and kale & brussel sprout salad with mustard vinaigrette. I haven’t had the opportunity to make any of these yet but the tupelo honey mint lemonade sounds absolutely delicious! Summer Picnic

Overall I have enjoyed receiving new kitchen additions from Hamptons Lane. The kit’s well organized and all follow their theme. I have to say my favorite additions have been the knife and paella pan. At around $50 per kit though I think I will be putting this subscription on hold and trying some new ones this summer. I felt that I could have found each of the food items in the box on my own and not have left over items Brian and I don’t really like (I’m looking at you, Olives).

Have you tried Hamptons Lane? What item in my kit are you looking forward to trying?


hamptons lane

Well readers, I’m back at it again and I’m sure you’re shocked!

I stumbled across Hamptons Lane (on Rue La La, obviously) and at about 25% off, I knew I had to give this box a try.

It’s no secret that I love food. If you didn’t catch me trying a new restaurant, I’m probably in my kitchen whipping something up. It helps that Brian also loves to eat.. and is actually quite helpful in the kitchen.

So what’s Hamptons Lane and why did I need to try it? Each month Hamptons Lane creates themed boxes for food lovers that include recipes and all the tools you need to make the recipes. You choose the box you want to receive that month and can skip any at no charge.

For my first box I had the choice between Taco Party, Pasta Box, 50 Shades of Chicken, Healthy Eating, Artisan Entertaining, American Breakfast, Spanish Tapas, The Tailgate Box, Icecream Sundae, Summer Cocktail Party, Gourmet Picnic, Coastal Italy, & Southwestern Fiesta. Talk about a tough decision!

I decided to go with the Spanish Tapas box. I loved my visit to Spain & could truly eat paella every day, so this box will be perfect for me!

If you are interested in trying Hamptons Lane- you can join here!

love with food- first box

You may remember I picked up a 6 month Taster subscription last month to Love With Food. I love the concept of this box – discover new organic/ vegan/ gluten free/ non-GMO snacks, and in turn also help fight hunger in America.

My first Love with Food box came last week and we have been enjoying our new snacks all week!

Here’s what the box looks like when it arrived:

image1 (1)

Love this message on the inside of the box!

image1 (3)

Since this is my first box, I’m not sure if I should expect each box’s goodies to be handpicked by a guest or if this month is something special. In any case, my box was designed by Megan Roosevelt, Founder of Healthy Grocery Girl.

image1 (2)

I really liked that inside the box there was this little menu that let me know each snack, what brand it comes from, and all the ingredients. They also specifically call out if a snack is Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, or Vegan… or in some cases, all four!


I am really loving the Choco Chews by TruJoy Sweets. They taste exactly like a Tootsie Roll but are Vegan, Organic, Non-GMO, and Gluten Free! YUM.

conscious box

By now you’ve probably realized a lot of my finds come from searching my two favorite shopping sites, Rue La La and Gilt. Conscious Box is another purchase I scored for a great price on Rue La La just before Christmas. I absolutely love subscription boxes and had heard of Conscious Box before. At the price offered ($64.99 for 6 months!), I knew it was the perfect time to give it a try.

conscious box1

Conscious Box is a subscription box dedicated to sending you natural products each month. They offer three types of boxes: Classic, Vegan, and Gluten-Free, in two sizes: Taster and Plus. I decided to try the classic box to see what healthy/natural/ ethically sourced products I could discover each month.
My third box arrived this week!
When you open your Conscious box you’ll find a small booklet that contains information on your brands that you’ve received in the box. They’ll let you know a bit of information about each product and what the full size would cost. There’s also usually at least a few coupons in this booklet as well! Absolutely love the Kraft paper that my samples come wrapped in each month. So pretty!
Here’s what my February Conscious Box consisted of!
I love KIND bars but haven’t tried their STRONG & KIND variety yet so that is one that I can’t wait to snack on this week. The Wild Garden hummus snack pack will definitely be taken in to work soon as well (as long as Brian doesn’t get his hands on it first! We love hummus!)
We’ve found a few brands in these past 3 boxes that we’ll probably pick up either from the Conscious Box online shop or in store if we see them. Other than that this is just another fun way to try different things every once and a while! Has anyone else tried this box before? What were your favorite finds?

new snacks: love with food

Well readers, I’m at it again. Just ordered Love with Food from Rue La La.

I had heard of this box before so I am anxious to see what yummy snacks we get to try over these next six months- plus I feel great knowing that my purchase will enable 6 meals to be donated to a hungry child in the US.

Here’s what I know so far: Love with Food is a snack subscription box with three different boxes to choose from– Tasting Box, Deluxe Box, Gluten Free Box. For each box purchased they will donate at least one meal to a food bank here in America. In each box there will be unique snacks that are organic or all natural. Boxes will follow a theme monthly.

Looks like my first box will arrive in March. Stay tuned for our thoughts!

If you are interested in trying this box for a discount, check out Rue La La’s sale ending soon!

As a referral from me, my friends are eligible for one free box trial here!

plated reviewed

Our box from Plated arrived just in time on Friday for all the cold and snow we’ve had in the Northeast the past few days.

You may remember I scored this box of 3 meals for 2 at just under $20 from Gilt City a few weeks ago! Perfect opportunity to give Plated a try without much risk.

The dollars: A weekly subscription for 3 meals for 2 people delivered to our zip code would have been $72 at full price. Definitely not the cheapest food option, but probably more cost effective than ordering delivery or going out 3 times for a couple.

The food: We tried three recipes from their Super Bowl inspired menu. White Pizza with Buffalo-Sriracha Chicken and Yogurt Ranch; Turkey, White Bean, and Poblano Chili with Baked Tortilla Chips; and Philly-Style Cheese Steaks…Each recipe was under 750 calories per serving and took under 45 minutes to make.

The likes:

Lots of room to customize: Plated let us choose the meals we wanted in our box. There were seven meals in total offered during the week and we picked 3 (the amount our pre-purchased voucher was worth). There’s also freedom to select just how many servings of each meal you want. Meals are sold by the plate, two plates at a time. A minimum delivery is four plates.. but that can be four of one meal, or two plates of two different meals.

Organized: All of the ingredients (minus the meat) for each meal came in a little bag labeled by what meal it was for. No more digging around looking for your ingredients. Just grab your bag and start prepping.

The dislikes: 

Mistakes: Our turkey chili failed to tell us when to add the beans in to the mix. Ut-oh.

Printed Recipe Quality: This is definitely nit-picking but I expected a higher print and paper quality for the recipes in this box. One of the best parts of these meal services is that you now have a Chef created recipe to add to your Recipe Rolodex.  At the price point I expected professional quality printing on gloss paper, but was disappointed to find something I could have printed on my Cannon on card stock.

The bottom line: We were impressed by the meals (our favorite was the Turkey Chili) and had fun with the delivery but aren’t convinced that the price for the service is worth it for us. Since we already cook most of our meals at home and have created quite a stocked pantry, finding recipes we like and shopping for them on our own is probably best for us.

You should try Plated if: You want to eat high quality, nutritious meals and like to cook but don’t necessarily have the time to browse for recipes and shop for all the ingredients. You don’t have a big pantry of spices and “staples”. You are ordering delivery and take out wayyy too often and need to cut back on your budget. You love trying the subscription boxes.

Has anyone else tried Plated before? What did you think?

plated… it’s what’s for dinner

Brian and I have been really into cooking and eating at home lately. It’s much more affordable then going out to dinner, plus you can control the ingredients that are going into your meals.

A total foodie at heart, I just can’t get on-board with cooking the same few meals over and over again. Sure I have my favorites and go-to recipes, but I really love to try something new and experiment (with guidance!) in the kitchen.

This is why I am so excited to try Plated! And even more excited that this weekend they’re available on Gilt City for a ridiculously great price.

A little bit about what I know about Plated… Plated delivers all the ingredients (minus a few kitchen staples) for chef created meals you can cook at home in around 30 minutes. They are dedicated to providing delicious meals that are relatively easy to prepare using fresh, high quality ingredients.

Before you go running to sign yourself up for this service, check out their delivery areas to make sure they’ll deliver to you!

For a great deal this weekend- Check out Gilt City             * New clients only

For an extra 20% off use code EAT20 through Sunday only!

Haven’t used Gilt before? You’re in for a real treat. One of my most fav places to shop for just about anything.. but more on this later. Sign up here!

Stay tuned for my review of our meals and the service at Plated!